Create Your Dream Dress with Us. We specialize in crafting bespoke wedding and engagement dresses, tailored to your unique vision

Dress creation process:
Initial consultation

Hand-sewn detailing, showcasing skilled embroidery and beadwork

Design Presentation

Based on the initial consultation, the designer presents sketches or prototypes of the future dress design

Measurement and Fitting

The client’s measurements are taken meticulously to ensure a perfect fit. This may involve one or more fitting sessions

Fabric and Material Selection

Hand-sewn detailing, showcasing skilled embroidery and beadwork

Dress Crafting

The creation of the dress begins. This involves cutting the fabric, sewing, and adding detailed work like embroidery or beadwork

Final Fitting and Adjustments

Once the dress is nearly complete, the client attends a final fitting to ensure everything is perfect. Any minor adjustments needed are made at this stage

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